Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers are provided below to questions we often hear. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us.


When should I submit my application to Munay Runa?

Children are accepted to Munay Runa on a space-available basis throughout the present school year.

How do I apply?

Please see the Procedure under Tuition and Fees.

Should my child be fluent in Spanish to attend Munay Runa?

Mundy Runa children are not required to have prior knowledge of Spanish.

What languages are offered at Munay Runa?

The instructional language at Munay Runa  is Spanish. We also speak english.

What are school hours?

Drop off from 8:30 to start at 09:00 finish at 12:30. More details you can find here.

What after school activities do you offer?

Mundy Runa does not offer any after school activities at the time.

Do you offer a lunch program?

Children may also bring their own lunch from home.

Is parental involvement welcomed at Munay Runa?

Yes! The Munay Runa Parental Program is a vital part of the school. It provides parent volunteers to: help with classroom activities (class parties, field trip chaperones, hands-on help for science or other projects, etc)

Is transport provided?

There is no special transport provided.

Do children wear school uniform?

Children do not use a school uniform, but we recommend comfortable clothes that are easy to wash.

What programs are offered during the summer?

Mundy Runa offers a summer program for four weeks during the summer break, usually in January / Februrary. Activities include arts and crafts, educational programs. There is a fee for this service.

Will Munay Runa use photos of my child in their publications?

We aim to show the spirit of Munay Runa through our publications and therefore always use photographs of school events and activities on the website, in school publications and in advertising. The full name of a student is never used with their photo. If you DO NOT wish to have your child featured in such materials, please let us know in advance.

Where will I find an calendar?

A summary of the calendar for the current year can be found here.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

You may email us at, or call us at +51 946 182 241 . You can also manage your account through our web site.

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Our School / Kindergarten

PreSchool House Munay Runa

Holistic School and Kindergarten, Early-Childhood Education at Munay Runa in Pisac, Peru. We educate children in an alternative way to legitimize the aspirations and ideals that we share with them.

School / Kindergarten Info

Km 2.2 Road to Archeological Center Pisac
08106 Pisac, Peru
Phone +51 991 174 113




School Hours


Monday - Friday 08:30 - 12:30

Gallery of School / Kindergarten

inside preschool with fireplace inside kindergarten playcorner with play toys inside school 2nd floor space to play toys to play at munay runa view from balcony towards pisc in the sacred vally 2nd floor view at munay runa